What we do

LMI Legal is a specialist insurance law firm offering legal services Australia-wide. We focus solely on insurance law because that is what we know and what we know well.

Our lawyers offer expert advice and litigation services to all of those involved in the insurance industry, including insurance brokers, insurance companies, government authorities, commercial entities and individuals.

We are committed to delivering the best results for our clients. We explain complex, technical legal issues clearly and concisely. We tailor our approach to resolving disputes according to our clients’ needs - whether that be pursing litigation or negotiating a timely, commercial settlement.

We also assist our clients to minimise their exposure to risk created by contract and offer a range of contract review services. Further, we understand that the cost of obtaining legal services can be a barrier for some clients. Accordingly, we offer flexible billing arrangements, such as “no win, no fee” or fixed fee agreements in appropriate circumstances.

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Where we come from

LMI Legal was started by Prof. Allan Manning, the managing director of LMI Group. LMI Group is a global consultancy group which has been providing loss management, risk assessment and technical advice to its clients since 1999. Further information about LMI Group can be found at LMI Group.

Whilst LMI Legal has an affiliation with LMI Group, it operates separately and provides independent legal services to the insurance industry and community.